"The Edge" Books

Knitting On The Edge: ribs, ruffles, lace, fringes, flora, points & picots by Nicky Epstein; 2004; hardcover; 168 pages.

Knitting Over the Edge: unique ribs, cors, appliqués, colors, mouveau by Nicky Epstein; 2005; hardcover; 191 pages.

Knitting Beyond the Edge: cuffs & collars, necklines, corners & edges, closures by Nicky Epstein; 2006; 157 pages.

I would say these books are not on the edge but over the top! The content demonstrates the point where knitting as craft becomes knitting as art. I cannot believe how many beautiful and innovative knitting methods the author demonstrates. I originally purchased the “Beyond the Edge” book because I was getting bored with plain 1x1 ribbed bands and I’m always looking for interesting new collars. I was not disappointed and neither will you be! It is impossible to adequately describe the wealth of goodies contained in these three volumes. I’ve attached some photos just to give some idea. You have to get your hands on them and look for yourself.

The volumes are much like the Vogue “Stitchionary” series: same size, layout and feel. I happen to like the way Vogue did those books so I am pleased with the Epstein books.

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I have been pondering posting something about edges. Even adding fringe and pom-poms (I do not like those) gets old at my stage in the game. I really like these. Would you suggest the first one if one buys one of them...and is a relative beginner (ie, not knitting stuff with collars soon)?

You are exploiting my weakness again Jesse! I just need to know which you would recommend as a first purchase?

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I have been looking at these books and looking at them, I haven't been able to decide if I want to buy them or not, thanks for helping me make up my mind Jesse, onto my wishlist they go!

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Which to recommend? Hmmm... It depends on what you're looking for.

"Beyond" has lots of wonderful ideas for women's garments. Some of the ideas in this book could be adapted to a guy's garment but for the most part, it's all about women's fashion.

"On" has great rib variations, much of which can be for guys and gals.

"More" has unique ribs and colour work. Again, for guys and gals, depending on how they're used.

I suggest a trip to your local bookshop to have a squizzy. It's really going to depend on what style garments you want to design and make.

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I've seen these several times when perusing knitting books, but actually never thought they'd be something I'd be interested in. While some of those photos you included are a bit extreme, others add a great deal of elegance to the garment. I'll have to give some thought to these, though unfortunately no nearby bookstore carries them.

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I have all 3 of these and they are awesome! I purchased the first one (Knitting on the Edge) at Michael's at full price, but then found the other two on Amazon tremendously cheaper! If you're looking to purchase, try Amazon!

I ordered the first two on Amazon!