Invasion of the killer frogs

Well, I knit up about 12 inches of my sweater and realized to my dismay that I was not happy with the way it was coming out. The pattern was not reading the way I expected and the white was simply overpowering. So I went back to the drawing board. I tweaked the pattern to my satisfaction and decided to revise my colorway to something more conservative. I kept the black and lost the orchid and white in favor of grey. Now with two colors (quieter colors) I am about six inches above the still corrugated ribbing and as of now am well pleased. Will post photos soon as I am convince that I will not go bipolar on this attempt.


Celowin's picture

It is a shame to lose out on that orchid, since it was such a vibrant color. At the same time, as pretty as it was, I can see where it would overpower any other colors you would use.

As I said before, I'm fascinated by seeing this project step by step, and being an outsider, a misstep is just part of the process I'm watching. So while I sympathize with your misfortune, I hope you don't take it badly that I'm still enjoying watching it.

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No prob Celowin- I may sell tickets!