Increases - Stupid Mathematical Question

I'm knitting the sleeves to my sweater. Frankly they have been driving me a bit crazy since this is the 1st sweater I'm knitting that is not in the round. I've ripped more times than I care to admit.

The pattern calls for a M1 increase at each edge starting on the RS then every following 7th row. The "Following 7th row" instruction is a bit vague to me. Which option is correct?

Option 1
Row 0 (RS): Increase
* row 1 (WS): P
row 2 (RS): K
row 3 (WS): P
row 4 (RS): K
row 5 (WS): P
row 6 (RS): K
row 7 (WS): Increase *


Option 2
Row 1 (RS): Increase
* row 2 (WS): P
row 3 (RS): K
row 4 (WS): P
row 5 (RS): K
row 6 (WS): P
row 7 (RS): Increase *

My instinct is telling me Option 1 is the correct way to go. If so, then is it weird to do the 1st increase row on the RS and then all the rest on the WS? Would it be bad to do the increase on the row 8 instead so that they are all done on the RS?

Thanks for your help.


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In my oppinion it's nr 1 but it´s easier to increase on RS. A suggestion ; if that is the case, is to increase the following 6th row one time and folling 8th row one time. If you do it like that the total number will be the same. Good luck!

That's a hard one. Especially if you've tried it a few times already. Have you checked with the designer? Sometimes they post corrections. Or, ask them directly for clarification. I've done that a few times & they were really friendly!
Good luck,

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Yes, hard to tell. Why not throw out "every seventh row", which would have you increasing on knit row -- purl row -- knit row and do every sixth row, which would have you increasing every three knit rows (easier to keep track off). Just be sure to stop when you have made the correct number of increases and knit even for the rest of the sleeve. Anyhow, that's what I picked up from Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitting Without Tears.

Isn't the ripping out a pain? If you have a long, thin needle (US # 0 or #1), you can pick up the knit switches a lot easier and without dropping as many. Whatever decision you make, have fun and lots of luck. 

Thanks all for your comments. It is becoming more and more apparent as I knit more that patterns are truly just guidelines. I may just rip one more time and try the increases on the 6th row which would definitely be easier to keep track off.

I actually went a little crazy with the M1 increases too but didn't want to make my question even longer. And it really wasn't about knitting into the back of the stitch that was driving me insane. You can read more on my blog.

Thanks again all for your tips.