Luna Moth Shawl started!

I just start working on my "Luna Moth Shawl" patttern from 's Free pattern).
I am using "Whispers" by Knitting Fever Mohair yarn for my mom's Chistmas present. Hopefuly finsh knitting the shawl before Chistmas comes! Compare to other lace so easy! I think the stitches are came out really beautifully.

See more pic and post on my knitting blog HERE:

Thanks for looking!


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Great. Can't wait to see more of the shawl.

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I have been just dying to make this shawl! I have the yarn in my stash and just waiting to finish all this other stuff. It's beautiful so far, can't wait to see it finished! I was a bit confused about the starting instructions but I think Kerry cleared that up for me :)

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Thanks youguys! Youguys can go to, on FREE PATTERN section, it alot of simple lace shawl pattern youguys can try!