I finally finished it!

I recently bought Ann Budd's The Knitter's Handy Book of Sweater Patterns, but I promised myself that I wouldn't start a new sweater until I finished up one of my projects.

Tonight, I finally finished my "Cabled Vest" using a pattern from Plymouth Yarn. The vest is made from Baby Alpaca Grande and is luxuriously soft!

Now, a word to the wise... Pay attention to your stitch gauge!

My ten year old son looks great in this, but I was making this vest for myself! Unfortunately, I didn't make a gauge swatch (since I'm used to making things like afghans where it doesn't matter as much), and although I was following a pattern for an adult XXL, my gauge of 3.4 sts/in instead of the pattern's 3 sts/in brought the resulting garment down to a child's L size.

I've learned my lesson. I've already made a gauge swatch for my next sweater project from the Handy Book.


Wow. That's one lucky kid to have such a beautiful sweater. I hope he takes good care of it, doesn't spill hot chocolate on it, keeps it off the bedroom floor, etc. Egads. If it ain't machine washable, it don't come in my house these days. I'm with you though, there's nothing like knowing one's gauge!


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I think we have all had a gauge disaster occassionaly. The vest is beautiful though.

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I've had a similar experience of not having checked the tension first before knitting a sweater, with the exception that I'd encountered the reverse effect...it was larger than intended.
Your vest is wonderful, and the cabling looks terrific.