I know this is old hat to most of you guys, but I just did something in my knitting that I have never done before and I feel like celebrating. lol. I am knitting a waistcoat with a lot of cabling. It is knit in one piece so there are a lot of stitches in the row. I noticed the other night that smack in the middle of the back I had neglected to make a cable crossing. Just missed it entirely. I was going to leave it, but then it began to nag at me even though I knew that almost no one would notice but me. A woman friend who is an accomplished knitter offered to fix it for me, but it would have to wait for next week. So I set it aside. Finally today I decided to have a go at it myself. Terrified. Sure I would ruin it all. But sensing that, like cod-liver-oil, it would be good for me, I searced online and found some instructions on my problem from the Yarn Harlot.

So screwing up my courage I isolated the six stitch column and worked my way down 8 rows to the mistake. The upshot of it is, some time later, all was fixed and I was amazed with myself. I think I need to celebrate, but you guys are the only ones who would understand my sense of accomplishment, so I am telling you. lol. Thanks.


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Congrats! - you are now over a major hurdle - a lot of mistakes can be fixed without frogging everything.

I refer to often, and recommend, the book "Knit Fix". It gives you solutions to all sorts of problems including those like your missed cable.

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I am in awe of you! And now I know what to do! The good spreads exponentially!

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Congratulations! I can tell you, that for me, it doesn't get less scary with repetition. But boy, accomplising it that first time really does feel great!
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Well done, Alan, what a great acheivement.

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Wow, that is a major accomplishment! Great job!

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Great going! It still scares me to do that.


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Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste

Shoot, that ain't old hat here! You should be proud!

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Congrats!! Not that I like to find mistakes, but there's something about going down a few rows and fixing something that I LOVE!


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You did the right thing and accomplished two things: aquired new technique and fixed a mistake that would have bugged you forever. The best thing to do with a bug is to feed it to a frog.

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Grats! To be honest, it wasn't up until about 6 months ago that I could frog back to a mistake, correct it and move forward from there. I always got confused and ended up ripping it all the way out and starting over. I don't think there's a knitter in the world that doesn't understand your feeling of accomplishment :)

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I bow down to your skills! I have never been able to repair a cable except to frog all the way back. It's always seems to be the impossible task. Good on you!

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Excellent work! No matter what anyone tells you, until you've done it yourself, you never believe them!

But I know what you mean. And it does get easier every time you do it. Not, of course, that you will do it very often!! Just pay attention, and you will never have to let drop any stitches. And after you've dropped a 20-stitch pattern repeat for 10 rows in lace knit with black yarn and knit them back up... you can do ANYthing!! You will fear nothing!

The new edition of the Lucy Neatby DVDs have a whole section on how to fix most common mistakes, and she includes this very same thing -- the wrong cable cross. And you only have to correct half of those stitches, you know. Easy peasy! I'd recommend her videos very much.

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Congratulations and give yourself a pat on the back. It's only slightly less scary the twentieth time.

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WOW... I've never done that! When I pick up stitches they just never look "right." Congratulations!

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Congrats! I think what you describe is one of those "before and after" accomplishments, if you see what I mean. First time I did this was out of laziness, I remember! Didn't want to frog it all, so I thought I might as well experiment a little - and to my surprise it worked! And yes, trust other knitters to understand! Asplund

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OMG...that was one of the funniest reads. Thanx for sharing! I'm still too scared to ever try that, though. I'm impressed you did it!!

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