baby scarf?

Was asked to make a pink scarf for a friend's friend's one-year old. I haven't the foggiest what size that should be! I mean, I know it has to be a tight knit so little fingers don't get caught or whatever, but that's about it. I searched online, and all I can find are these ugly (imho) scarves where they flare out at the end and one end apparently gets tucked through the other. I mean, these must be WAY popular, because that's all I could find. I just think they look hideous and not at all cute or floofy. I saw some pics of some at this link:

...but there aren't any patterns or even really basic instructions. I suppose I could just wing it, but I don't know how I feel about that. I'm all worried that there's something I'll not do that turns the scarf into some kind of baby death trap. I mean, I don't like kids, but I don't wanna kill any!!!!!!!!!!!! :-O


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My idea would be to take a soft yarn with lots of fringe and large needles and make a boa-like scarf. Either an I-cord, or just plain Stockinette stitch knitted will roll in on itself and create a tube, sort of. Would be simple and quick to knit...!

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Some considerations: 1) If it's the kind of scarf that tucks inside a coat you are OK, but if its long and wrapped around neck outside with long dangly bits you do have to careful. Toddlers have been known to get them caught. 2) Use a soft, non-scratchy WASHABLE yarn. Her mother will thank you -- one year olds puke a lot. :-) 3) Have you thought of trying a simple lacy type pattern and scaling down the size? I don't mean that magnificent 'blind belgium nun" type lace knitting, but just an easy one to add a bit of interest. One with a short repeat to make changing the size easier.

So, unless you want a scarf specifically styled for a one year old (and I agree those ones with the tuck in pull through slot are kind of dorky) I would just find one I liked for an adult woman and scale it down either with finer yarn and needles, or casting on fewer stitches. But pay attention to the feel of the yarn against a small child's neck and whether it is soft enough (and washable).


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Rule of thumb for length is to make it as long as the wearer is tall. Width for someone that small I'd say about three to four inches max. Maybe two would do for a little one.

I agree to just go with a pattern you like and scale it down. I don't like the idea of the ones you described that "tuck" into themselves as I can picture a toddler hanging itself with one of those.


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Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog It looks like the pattern is done in a stockinette stitch on the round with small needles. It looks more like a sock. This will prevent the child from getting their fingers tangled in the material or the holes. I would make a very tight tube on size number 6 (or smaller) circulars with a total of 38 to 40 stitches for about 24 inches.

Merino wool is always good, if superwash merino better yet or super soft cotton is nice as well, perfect for a baby and very washable.

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last year I knit a scarf for a friend's baby, I used a baby cotton, from bernat I think. and I used needles 2 sizes smaller than what was called for. I just did a basic seed stitch. One lesson I learned, don't worry about fringe, they tend to yank on it and even if they can't get it out they pull the scarf all out of shape. I think I made the scarf about 3" wide.

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