Starter gloves?

I am wanting to start a pair of real, fingered gloves for my daughter. This will be my first attempt at knitting in the round, and doing anything other than what basically ammounts to a rectangle. Anyone have a suggestion as to a good, well-explained, not-too-difficult first glove pattern?


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FYI If you have never knit in the round before, mittens might be easier than gloves - you only have to make a thumb. Knitting Pattern Central has dozens of suggestions for either gloves or mittens, whatever your choice:

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I agree, mittens will be much easier than gloves, especially if this is your first time knitting in the round. I'm knitting a pair of gloves right now, and it's very fiddly. Picking up stitches, stitches held on waste yarn, casting on additional stitches, double point needles, stitch holders, blah..blah..blah... I started my 1st glove and thought, wow, this is a breeze...and then I finished the thumb gusset and had to start with the fingers....things slowed down considerably, and my glove knitting zeal waned. Thankfully, they're not being knit as a gift, so I can set them aside and pick them up whenever the spirit moves me. Good Luck!

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I am currently knitting gloves for myself and for friends for Christmas. The best adn easiest to follow glove pattern I have come accross is Fits Like a ....GLOVE by Nancy Lindberg. It is a leaflet pattern available for sale on her website or at your local yarn store. It offers two different sizes available Med adult and Large Adult. By knitting using the Med Adult size and smaller needles than recommended you should have no problem knitting a child's size. This leaflet pattern also offers several styles to knit including fingerless gloves

If your not used to double pointed needles I would first try knitting a Childs hat in the round to match the gloves before tackeling the gloves.

When knitting gloves I like to use stitch holders instead of waste yarn. You will find that when knitting gloves you have to put stitches on and off dividing for the fingers. Stitch holders just make this easier.
I was intimidated by knitting gloves for a long time until I tried a pair. After your first glove it will hit you "I GOT IT". Post a pic of the finished pair, would love to see them. Happy knitting!