Quick Hello and a WIP

Hey all...
I decided to make a quick Christmas Scarf. I'm also experimenting with cabling and thought I'd try one on the scarf. It doesn't show up well due to the striping and color choices but it's fun anyway. I'm thinking of sewing a strand of white up the cable when it's done for an accent. hmmm...we'll see. I'm using Misty Alpaca and it feels amazing!



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I think it looks good as is and wouldn't change a thing. I like how the striping camoflages the cable...Very Missoni. (Use those words when describing the scarf and watch everyone go "Oooooooooooooooooo. How "fashion forward."


wool socks=sexy

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Nice festive scarf!

At the risk of a groan or two:
Looks like you've found a perfect cable-flage :-P

FWIW - If you do want to emphasise the cabling maybe you can try duplicate stitch( or embroidering) - on the stitches just outside your cable, and up into the twist crevices - but I would leave the crossovers alone, so they 'pop'.

It looks great as it is...