Navy Cabled scarf - WIP

This is my third scarf and is for my brother for Christmas.

Wool-Ease Thick & Quick Navy - 2 to 3 skeins
#15 needles (10 mm)

I made up my own pattern after looking at some others.

Cast on 24
Row 1 - K1,P2,K2,P2,K2,P6,K2,P2,K2,P2,K1
Row 2 - P1,K2,P2,K2,P2,K6,P2,K2,P2,K2,P1
Row 3 - Repeat row 1
Row 4 - P1,C2F,P2,K2,P2,K6,P2,K2,P2,C2F,P1
Row 5 - Repeat row 1
Row 6 - Repeat row 2
Row 7 - Repeat row 1
Row 8 - P1,C2F,P2,K2,P2,C6F,P2,K2,P2,C2F,P1
Continue rows 1-8 to desired length
Bind off on row 7

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Very nice.


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Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste

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Beautiful :) I love cables. I'm sure he'll love it. And if he doesn't, I could use another scarf! ;)

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Good looking scarf!

Just out of curiosity/design aspects - I see from your directions that you put stockinette stitch right at the edges - when I have done this in my experiments, the edges curl badly, so I usually put a stitch or two of garter at the edges, or I slip the first stitch of every row to control the curling. In your picture the edges look fine and not curled - is this yarn stiff enough not to curl? or is it hidden by the 2 stitch cabled rib next to it?

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I think it's a combination of the fact that it is only one stitch and the thick yarn. Perhaps some tension from the cabled rib is also helping to stabilize it.


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The design creates a beautiful texture. Very nice looking!

It looks great! I'm sure your brother will really appreciate it.

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This is great! I just learned how to cable last weekend and was trying to find and interesting pattern with cables.

I must say Paxknitter....what an incredible job you are doing on the scarf so far.

= ^.^= Matt

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Wow, very cool project. I might have to borrow it for the backed up orders. I have anxiety attacks doing scarves as they take so long for me! I like this alot!