Knitting Around the World - Book

“Knitting Around the World” by Threads Magazine; 1993; softcover; 95 pages.

Here is another great book for the stranded knitting fanatic (like me). This book is a collection of articles from Threads magazine about colour knitting. There are lots of photos, instructions, a few patterns but mostly this book is just about technique. Last year I asked if anyone knew how to graft live stitches to bound-off stitches. No one did (including me) and I had to do my best. Now, I find a pictorial set of directions on how to do it – better late than never!

The chapters are:Aran Knitting, Shetland Lace, Exploring a Knitted Pattern, Colorful Traandsstickning, Fair Isle Knitting, Arglyes without Seams, Methods For Multicolored Knitting, Knit Paintings, Swedish Two-Strand Knitting, Unraveling the Myths of Shetland Lace, Socks – Socks – Socks, Catalan Knit Lace, Knitting in the North Atlantic, Make a Wooly Warm Coat, Designing a Wheel-Pattern Fair Isle Tammy, Knitting Traditions. There's lots of information packed inside this book!

I purchased my copy off ebay for under $30.00. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to learn more about colour knitting.

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Y'do realise...

I'm just going to have to get boxes and boxes and boxes to the brim of wool.

Winter is DEFINITELY here in Maine -- which means a very plain and simple and obvious routine: come home from work, kick off shoes and socks, fiddle around with something to fill the void in the belly, switch on PBS, curl up (or stretch out) under the nice warm covers in the bedroom, and knit away as if the Winter had no end!

Hmmmm...maybe, come the equinox, I just might entertain the thought of coming down for a few months visit, and then Winter really WON'T have an end! (for a while)



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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog I had this book a loooooong time ago and it was very inspiring and educative. Thanks for sharing it brought back some great memories!