Taking a break

Taking a break from the spinning for a minute for a quick post. A few pics of yarn making- I'm working on the grey; next the black, then back to the needles.


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looking great Albert...... i would like to know where did u get your wheel from......and fibers

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Hi Jerome,

I bought my wheel a couple of years ago online from the Fricke Company. I don't remember what I paid, but it was one of their less expensive wheels. It works quite well, it's just that it is not made from fine woods like the higher-end models. As for fiber, I also buy it online. There are many resources like Paradise Fiber, or R.H. Lindsey that carry every kind of animal, vegetable or synthetic fiber you could want. It's a lot of fun and actually less expensive in the long run than buying millspun yarn, not to mention the possibility of creating unique yarns from your own imagination.

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omg...as fulfilling as knitting something and then wearing it is, I can only imagine how much moreso it would be to spin the yarn you knitted it with. Wow!

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