Slytherin Tychus.

Made for a friend to match her satchel (coming soon).

Anyone find that the tychus pattern is fine with only four panels instead of five?


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Four panels worked for me. I can't imagine anyone having a big enough head to wear a hat made of five panels.

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Looks great! I can't wait to see the satchel.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog I have done five when I use only single strands, but four pannels is enough if you are not a tight knitter, it also depends how much air you have lol! You did an excelent Job. What I have been doing with the Tychus is that when I am two rows away from casting off I start to cast of with the main color andend with the crown, then when I sew it together it looks a lot nicer and you can not hardly tell where the hat joins.

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I don't care for how the hat looks with 4 panels, so I used size 7's instead of 9's and added on an extra 8 stitches to make it longer, I made one as the directions said, and I know no one that has a head that big.

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I think there is something drastically wrong with the pattern - or the pattern creator knits so tightly she has to pound the needles in with a hammer.

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"knits so tightly she has to pound the needles in with a hammer..."

Hey, you have been watching me knit! :-)


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Maybe the guy she made the hat for has a freakishly large head. It's hard to say without another head next to his for comparison. For all we know, this man's head is making car tires look tiny. Maybe he's an alien, and he hides his freakishly large head under knit caps. Ok, I'm putting on my tin foil hat just in case

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It came out quite nicely. I haven't knit it, but I can see plainly from your photo that another panel would have transformed it from a hat to an ecologically correct shopping bag.

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Awesome hat... I have to give that one a try! I was planning on making the Koolhaas would be my next, but you've definitely changed my mind.

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