Navy Cabled scarf - Finished

I finished the Navy Cabled scarf for my brother, late, last night. I was elated and exhausted at the same time. So much more to do before Christmas, but it was great to have one completed.


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Very nice, hand made gifts are always the best.



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It looks great! I'm sure your brother will love it :)

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Congrats on finishing a great piece of work! Every year I say I'll start making Christmas gifts in January and work through the year... but I've yet to actually follow through. So now what?


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Good job. Hand made gifts are the best.

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Looks good - and a decent length ! So many patterns I see barely are long enoguh to wrap around the neck and cross in front, let alone hang down!

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Great job. Great modeling.

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Love the scarf! I don't like short scarves at all, I like them Doctor Who long (for those of us here old enough to remember the old Doctor Whos and their scarves!)

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I usually shoot for six feet length. This is pretty easy for me to approximate as my reach from fingertip to fingertip is about 6.5 feet. Yes, I have long arms (makes buying shirts a challenge at times).


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Looks so comfy! I Love it!

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