Getting Started with Lace

I was just admiring Tom's posted picture of the Queen Anne Lace shawl that he knit for his sister. I would like to try doing some lace knitting but, I admit, it scares the bejeebers out of me. Can anyone suggest an interesting pattern, not too easy, but not such as to drive one insane or blind? Maybe a scarf or something that will teach me some technique but not make me burst into tears? :-) I am not sure how or where to begin, but I know it is NOT with a huge shawl. I always wonder, as well, how you know what size needles to use with lace. I am told it is usually bigger needles than you would normally knit with the yarn you use. How much bigger? Is there a rule of thumb? Anyway, any suggestions about how to begin, and with something with which there is actually some chance of successfully completing the project would be appreciated.


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the generic rule of thumb is go up two sizes of needle from what you would normally use with that weight yarn.

Or more : I regularly use US size 8 to knit lace weight, and have used 10.5's.

or less - you may prefer a more "solid" lace.

I strongly reccomend reading the "lace primer" series out at Eunny Jang's blog.

A scarf pattern I like is to cast on a multiple of (4 stitches +3 ) to a pleasing width.

knit four or five ridges of garter (8-10 rows knit)

Then every row is k3, *yo, k2tog,k2 ; repeat from * across.

When it's the length you like - do another 8-10 rows garter stitch - and bind off.

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Another easy lace is feather and fan - I made a table runner out of baby weight yarn on size 8 needles using a pattern similar to this:

It can also be worked as a garter stitch based lace (change row 2 to K in the pattern) instead of the stockinette based lace given.

I bought Barbara Walkers Treasury of Knitting Patterns (I think that is the name and/or the author!). Lots of good stuff.

And MMarios Faux Spanish Lace Shawl is nice looking. I am almost done. Mistakes well hidden! I realize you cannot let your mind wonder too much.