I know this is off the topic.......

I know this is off the topic...I have thinking about learning how to tatter.......I would like to know is there any other guys out there who tatter and would u give me your thoughts on tatting and where I could get a book so i can learn how to tatter


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I don't know of any books but if you do a google search you will get a lot of hits on "how to tat".

There are some antique tatting patterns here:




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I've done some needle tatting, but it's been a long time, It ate up too much of my quilting/knitting/bobbin lace/cross stitch time. But I really liked doing it

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I tat.. have for about 20 years (and, although I don't know anyone else on MWK who tat, there are several exceptional male tatters floating around the world). If you do a little googling you'll see my name floating around as the original creator of the "hanging cluny" (although the process has been modified over the past couple of years), my mom also used to make wooden shuttles. Anyhow, historically speaking I'm really more of a tatter than a knitter (I started knitting more when my daughter was born).

Drop me a PM if you're interested and I'll help get you hooked up. I've tought a fair amount and will make sure you get some resources. I used to have a website that sold tatting supplies and although I still have most of the stock, the website isn't up right now. If you need help finding something I can either get it for you or probably point you in the right direction. :-)

Tatting is much less expensive than knitting and even more portable -- cool, huh!

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i don't get it... whats tatter? I've looked it up, but i still don't understand what is being made... is it like lace?

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It's actually called "tatting".. (verb "to tat"). It's also sometimes called frivolite (French), Schiffchenarbeit (German) or Occhi (Italian). Most people consider it a type of lace making although there is some controversy as to whether it can technically be called "lace" since it's really made from a series of knots (which some purists consider inappropriate for lace). Tatting is based on a 2-part knot called a "double stitch," traditionally made by a shuttle and is usually recognizable because almost all the motifs are based on a series of rings connected by "chains."

Some people think that tatting started with seamen since the earliest shuttles and the basic knot are very similar to that used to make fishing nets.

My website is down right now (and I seem to have lost most of my images when I switched hosts - ugh!), but I do have one doily up on my blog here. Otherwise, if you'd like to see some of the best stuff out there (both by men, interestingly!), I'd recommend TatMan's website at: http://www.tat-man.net or Jan Voskes' website at http://tatslife.voskes.eu/.

I don't want to go on for ever (I probably could!) but hopefully that helps a little.

UPDATE: I found this website called the "Way Back Machine" -- anyhow, it's WAY cool and searches cached versions of old websites. To make a long story short, I found pics of my old tatting website and revamped them a little. It'll be back up (in a MUCH scaled down version) in a few minutes at: www.knotsandmore.com. (Remember, it's a MUCH scaled down version -- but there're at least some pics in case your interested.)

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JoAnns and Michaels carry books, shuttles, and thread. I have been tatting for years, and as tim said - the basic stitch is called the double knot - once you master it (it is a double half hitch in the form of a larks head) the only other thing you need to master is working with two shuttles at once - and you can do almost any Tatting project.