Wooly Board

I've just received a wooly board that I ordered from Camilla Valley Farm. It arrives with assembly required and at the time I opened the package I was too sleep deprived to handle it. Maybe today the old squash will be sharp enough for the challenge. Can't wait to have my WIP become a FO and deck the board with a hand-knit sweater. By the way, I am almost finished with the body and will soon be binding off the steeks, putting the shoulders on dpns and the back neck on a holder. Then my plan is to cut the steeks(!!!!!!), three-needle bind off the shoulders, knit up the neck band and pick up and knit the sleeves. Does this sound like the right way to go? Remember, this is my first steek project and I am knitting from the seat of my pants. Advice welcomed.


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Personally, I wouldn't even worry about sewing the steek, but I like living on the edge.

Do you mind sharing how much the wooly board cost? Halcyon yarn also carries them, so I've thought that when I finally get around to ordering one (likely this spring), I'd order from them. Or just drive up to Bath. If there are significantly cheaper options, though, it'd be good to know.

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