Liesel Scarf - WIP

Here I am, hard at work on a Liesel scarf for my mother for Christmas. I'm using Cascade 220 Quatro.

You can find the pattern at


Having just looked at the site for the pattern, good luck on the finished product! Also, the quilt or quilted style cushions next to you look great...

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Yeah, it's going to take some dedication. And, yes, that is a quilt balled up beside me. That spot of the living room can get cool so TV watchers keep it handy. Did you notice all the snow on the bush outside the window behind me? The original forecast was for 1 - 2 inches of snow. Oops, turned into about 8 inches of snow.


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Love the pattern. It's going on my To Do list. Thanks.

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The prediction for 12 inches last night turned into 2. But we are having hail and frezing rain.

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