I did it.

I cut the arm and neck steeks yesterday with a little encouragement from my Bud. The sweater did not explode, nor did the knitting police come and haul me off. I picked up the neck stitches and knit the neck band and now am working on the sleeve. One of my concerns with the sleeves was that the reductions would interrupt the pattern and this would be hard to keep track of. I am finding that this is not the case with a little common sense. I have still not found a circular needle that will not catch the yarn at the join of the needle and cable, so I am struggling along. We are in the midst of a blizzard here in Maine as I type so this is a good time to sit and knit.


Congrats! I really like the colors. Now have that Bud without fear of KWI.

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good job! but, are you sure the knitting police aren't just holding back waiting for you to do something else?

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Well done Albert. It wasn't so scary after all was it?

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It's fun watching your project move along. I guess unless and until I try it, I'm just not sure how steeking works!! Seem s so foreign but I'm sure like everything else, when you actually do it, you see exactly how it works and what happens. Just seems to strange to CUT what you've knitted!!


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Congratulations And I hope you have a good afternoon with your knitting. We are in the midst of the storm here as well, and after some shovelling, I expect to spend most of the day knitting as well. It is cosy, isn't it? :-)



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....I cut up a lot of knitting...and tailor it like wool fabric...but the first time IS hard...

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I remember working at Depth of Field in MPLS and a woman came in with a sweater she was DEATHLY AFRAID of cutting the steeks on. I think I did it for her (sewing the edges of the steeks on my old singer, and cutting them for her. She paid me $25? Imagine... I cut and retailor knitting all the time: I do a tidy business in refashioning handknit sweaters that either didn't turn out as the knitter had planned, or that are hopelessly out of style. After all, knitting IS fabric.

Congrats, the sweater look beautiful.

wool socks=sexy

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You'll feel differently when the sleeves fall off! Just kidding, of course. The first cut is the most difficult and after that, it's just a matter of knitting as usual. I wonder if some people have tried to cut the fabric horizontally - that would be ugly!

Knit like the wind!

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LOL! you're evil! I love it!
MWK's Token Estrogen-American

MWK's Token Estrogen-American