hat to go with mittens

i knitted this hat with a similar pattern to the previously posted mittens. i like this color combination a lot better (though it doesn't show too well in the picture). i can't decide if i want to keep it or give it away....what do ya'll think?

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Chris - My hat's off to you!  There would be no question in my mind - I'd keep it!  What a beautiful design; did you create it yourself?  You motivate me to learn fair isle knitting!

Cheers!  Jesse

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sadly, no i didn't design it myself (wish i did!). got the pattern from a 1947 pattern book called "Scandinavian Snow Sets." i'm not sure if it's still in print or if there's a revised version. i plan on knitting two other things out of this book... i'm really glad i came across it. you should def try fair isle (or intarsia) knitting, i promise it's not as hard as it looks! good luck with everything!

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I have never seen that title or design in bookshops in Scandinavia but there are a lots of simuluar design that can be find in many books and magasins in Scandinavia. And you don't have to know swedish if you want to use it. You can take a hatpattern that you like and knit intarsia if you calculate stiches. A very nice hat indeed!

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thanks for the reply, Ulf. Very interesting. i think the "scandinavian look" is so beautiful, i plan on doing a lot more of it.

Chris, No question; you have to keep it. It goes so well with the mittens. You'll look so cool wearing them out & be cozy in the bargain.
Nice workmanship.

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Where can I get the pattern(s)

Great hat.

Where can I get the pattern. Also, where did you get the pattern book?


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Awesome hat. you should keep it, but you should post a pic of you modeling it.