OOf! Shovelling

Just out shovelling snow for the last hour. Now inside for a while until I have to do it again in a couple of hours. Or until the plow goes down our road. A good day to stay inside and knit. In a sense, this kind of day is a gift. Enforced leisure ie. knitting! For those of you being hit by the storm, be careful! Watch your driving, your hearts and your backs! But enjoy the beauty. :-)


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Yeah, I've got to dig us out today from yesterday's snow. It was a great time to just sit and knit and knit.


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unfortunately my knitting time is has come to a grinding halt until I find something I can put on the tip of my finger, the horrible dryness in my house and my habit of pushing the tip of the needle with the tip of my finger has cause it the skin to split :/ I'm sending my roomie off to the store to buy me some of those dr. scholl's pad things to put on my finger and then it's back to the grind.

But I did go out and shovel some snow during the break :D

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Alba Kukui (sp) Nut is a good lotion. I get split chapped skin all the time (winter and summer from working in the dirt) and it helps. No Crack is a brand that is good too.

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I'll have to look into those, thanks Tucker :)

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

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Yes, we've gotten hit here in Buffalo as well. The Plow service is doing our driveway right now, but the walkway will need to be shoveled as well as digging out the trash bins. So I'll be heading out very soon myself.

But last night I washed and blocked the new pair of gloves I made myself using Mountain Colors wool/mohair blend called Mountain Goat. Add a knit hat and scarf and I'm ready to go!