I am interested in getting a swift, but since it is not the sort of thing you can amble into your local Zeller's and pick up, I might have to order it. Knit Picks has one at $62.50 -- wooden, 26.5" in diameter and 26" tall. Does anyone have any experience with this particular swift? Is it a good one?

They also have a ball winder which holds up to 100 grams for $39.99 Is that a standard size? Price?

FInally they have a Yarn MEter that gives you yardage as you wind your ball through it. Anyone have it?

I would be really interested in hearing opinions about these products, pro and con. It is hard to buy from a catalogue and know what you are getting. There is a picture of it here if you want to look. http://www.knitpicks.com/Knitting_Supplies.aspx?key=swift

Thank you very much. I appreciate any advice and comments.


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the swift, check around ebay, I've seen some for decent prices, the ball winder 40 bucks is about right. but, the Yarn Meter LOL I had one that my room mate for me. just head on over to the local outdoor sports store, you can pick up a fishing line counter for 10 bucks or so, the rest i just wood that you can easily make, my roomie made 2 big eyelets out of metal and put them in the board as guides. I'll try to get a picture of it from the person I gave it to. But the counter they use is a fishing line counter and they are cheap and easy to get your hands on. Certainly not worth the 50 bucks they want for them in my opinion.

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I bought my swift at Joann.com for 49 dollars and am quiet pleased with it. It is made of hardwood and is very useful as well as being a nice quality piece of equipment.

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I've looked at the same swift on Knit Picks so would also be interested in comments regarding it.

Hey! There's a place in Stoney Creek, Ontario, that sells swifts, called Grand River yarns. They have a website, www.grandriveryarns.com. They have the listed on their website for $29.95, seems like a pretty good price to me.

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that is a good price, thanks! I'll have to go check it out.

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