Finals are almost over...

Finals are over on wednesday and I can get back to knitting. Thank goodness for winter break. I have a few projects started but have not yet had time to finish anything. I'm making a pair of flip over half finger gloves from grey Merino wool with a diamond pattern on the back. I bought some pashmina to make a scarf for an ex, but since I am not currently talking to him I'm going to make myself a black pashmina tie. What else? I'm very excited to try my hand at making a sweater. I have never done one, but I really want to try and make it work. Wish me luck.


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Yea for break, that's right!! Good luck with the projects! I've done a couple sweaters (besides the baby sweaters I've done). The first one I did (for Matt) was successful and fit him perfectly. The second on I did for myself didn't turn out so well... same pattern and everything, but it just doesn't look right and it doesn't fit well. The wool's good stuff, so I'm just about to frog the whole thing and either try again or turn the yarn into something completely different.

Enjoy your break from school!



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Breaks are the only reason for going to school, well there is that edumacation thingy. Can't wait to see some FO's!

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