Blue Moon Tychus

I used some of the leftover grey because I thought there wasn't enough yarn left to just do two colors. Of course it appears that there IS enough left to have done just two, but this looks so nice, I don't care. I almost wish it weren't a present...

Also, if you need any tips on how to make the seam in back less apparent, I've got a few, but I need some help making the sew-ins less obvious. ( Seam hidden in back for religious purposes)


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I hate that back seam, her directions made it way to wide. I just cast off on the last color and don't bother with the knit rows. sew-ins? you mean like weaving in your ends? for all my ends I basically do a duplicate stitch can hardly tell they are there. I love you your hats. I like the 3 color hats too, I made one for my fiancee in black purple and grey, liked it so much that I plan to knit one up for myself :D

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it is a beautiful hat.......would like to know the pattern u use

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It's the Tychus pattern from Knitty!

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog As does BuduR I cast off when I am doing the last row ending at the top, that way I can sew it and it definitely has a less visible seam. Nice hat by the way!

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This is the best one so far- keep it and knit another one for your gift. Much nicer picture young man.

hmmmm...i wonder if this is too advanced for me.....

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my daughter has knit one scarf, EVER. and she made one in about 3 days without screaming, cussing or throwing needles. I'm betting you can do this.

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Your choice of colours definitely shows the patterning very well, and blend wonderfully! Very nicely done.

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You guys have sold me. I decided to give the tychus a try. Glad I did. It was fun. Took me about 4 hours total from CO to FO. Cool. I was going to give it away but might just keep it.

If you'd like to see my version it's at:

Oh, and for the record I only did four panels too and can't imagine the giant it would take to fill in one of these hats with five!

Grace and Peace,

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it looks great Tim! see, not so hard. I do the 5 panels, size 7's, CO 50, unless I want to do a beanie then CO 40. I just thought the 4 panels looked too pointy, *shrug* now we just need to drag Tucker in, I'm sure he'll be kicking and screaming all the way. Come to the dark side Tucker, we always have fresh cookies.

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