Tychus Hat Variation

Inspired by Patchworkjester, I decided to give the Tychus a try. However, I didn't stripe the colors. I carried the two colors together. The Blue & Green give it a sort of "Black Watch Plaid" feel (at least to my eye). I used US Size 10 needles, made four panels and kept my knitting VERY TIGHT on this project. I was afraid of the hat being too big due to the banter about the number of panels on this site and the fact that I bumped the needles up a size. The very tight knitting was a PAIN as the delicious Red Heart yarn coupled with the aluminum needles was not a match made in slip-n-slide heaven. The hat fits Andy & Paul much better than it fits me. They can fold up the brim... I need to keep it down or it just isn't long enough for my sizable head.

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I like the color combo- it's a good color for you.

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I like it :) good job.

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So, is it nice and soft? Or a helmet? ;) And how long before we see the dreads!?!?!

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It is definately HELMET ! ! !

I wore it to work last night and it was perfect and warm. I have opted not to do the dreads... I like it just the way it is! So, I guess I'll have to do another!!!

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OMG!!!! a picture with you smiling! I was wondering this morning if you ever smile :D

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Me? Moi?? Smile???

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A great looking hat.