My Christmas Wish this year...

My wish for this Christmas is a local knitting group. Dosen't have to be all male, would be nice if there were some male knitters in it, but seeing as I am a Hairdresser, being with women doesn't bopther me. I would love it if several of us guys on this site could start a group, but seeing as we are all over the country that would be imposible. Oh well nice to dream.
Barry...The Kilted Knitter


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I agree with you 100 %.
Women knit very different from men
I tried to start a "Mens Knitting Group" here in Fresno with no luck Even took fliers to the yarn shops.
Good luck with your group.


An easygoing BEAR just trying to keep a smile on my face and a song in my heart.
I must work harder at that.

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Women spend entirely too much time bitchin and not enough time knittin in my opinion.

*hikes up her skirt and steps off the soap box*

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

Whoa nelly! No skirt hikin sister!

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it was purely metaphorical, I don't wear skirts, heck most of the time I wear hardly anything at all.

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

ahhhhhhhh I see...I mean...I don' know what I mean

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nop, not a clue, but that is one of your many charms.

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

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How about kilt hiking? lol!!!

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Personally I am all for it, that was one of my favorite scenes in Braveheart.

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

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Barry, You ought to post to see who in SW Michigan or northern Indiana would want to get together. South Bend looks awfully close to Niles and I'm sure there are male knitters in South Bend. We've started a group in Denver (Mile Guy Knitters) and I think it looks pretty promising. So far mostly guys from MWK but I've contacted some from Ravelry and then emailed LYS. One email made it to another guy who teaches knitting classes and he's contacted others. Give it a shot! I see that teejtc posted about knitting in SW Michigan and there were a few responses (including yours). Don't give up yet!!


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One correction. We are all over the 'countries' (plural). :-)


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Thanks for the correction. I like you Kilt by the way, I wear a Utilikilt.

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Hey.... I mapquested Niles this morning and it wasn't as far away as I thought it might be. Too far to do a weekly gig, but close enough for something occasional. I don't know the in-between area well except to say that I know there are several wineries between us... Kalamazoo may be a decent place too, although I think it's probably closer to me than you. Portage has a yarn shop, but I've never been there and don't know if they're philoandretic.... masculofriendly.... (what new word can I make up to be "friendly towards men?")

Anyhow, drop me a note and maybe we can put something together and open it up to see if anyone else would like to join. I was going to PM you but I can't find an option for that in your profile so feel free to drop me one, or an e-mail [teejtc (at)].

Grace and Peace,