Greek Fishermen Sweaters

I can't believe I'm here with Christmas presents awaiting completion. Ah, well. Always looking to the future. A friend of mine told me about a library book she encountered about 30-40 years ago with some really cool traditional Greek fisherman sweater patterns. They have names like "Kos," "Santorini," "Rhodes," "Hydra," "Tenos," etc. She's lost most of the copies now. She couldn't even remember the name of the book, exactly, but thought it was something like "American Book of Knitting." Well, I searched online and found the closest thing I could to this: Gertrude Taylor's "America's Knitting Book." I haven't seen it myself, but has anyone out there seen it, or own a copy? If this isn't the book, has anyone run across a book with these patterns in it? If so, I'd love to know what book it is so I can track down copies for myself and my friend. The patts are really classic looking. Thanks...


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Well, I browsed through this book at the library a while back, and the Greek sweaters do sound familiar. I can double check next time I'm there.

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Ah... someone suggesting the library. I love it. San Diego Public Library has the 1968 and 1974 editions.


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BTW, if you are still living in San Diego, it looks like they have a copy in the stacks there, too.

Good luck.

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I did find the book at the library. It turned out not to be the one I was looking for. Oh, well. Back to the drawing board. Thanks.