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Does anyone know where I can get some patterns for men's kilt hose? I have knit socks, and would now like to tackle a pair of kilt hose. I have found one pattern online, but am looking for more suggestions. I am a big guy, 6'3" tall and size 12 - 13 feet (if that makes any difference to the pattern choice). I am a bit puzzled as to how much yarn I will need to get them almost knee length with the top turnover. Anyway, if any of you have experience with this, or any suggestions, I would appreciate it.


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Here are four patterns you may find usefull:



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I have knitted the John Anderson. Read pattern carefully. Seem to remember a few typos.

My caution would be to use a sock yarn with wool and some nylon or synthetic. I started a kilt sock with a wonderful alpaca that I thought would make a wonderfully soft non-scratchy sock but it sagged and drooped like crazy. You would probably need to wear garters to keep them up.
By the way, I have been admiring your kilt in your picture. Is it Canadian or from the UK? Nice looking!

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Thank you. It is my old one. UK. My new one is cloth brought in from Scotland, a local kiltmaker tailored it.


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Don't forget

Designs for Knitting Kilt Hose by Veronica Gainford

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Here is a old swedish pattern from 1900: cast on 72 st (or as many as you need) on needle 3mm and devide on 4 needles, 18 st on each needle. Those 18 sts will be called castonstiches. Knit k2p3 as many rows as 1 castonstiches. Turn to knitting and knit as many rows as 2 castonstiches. After that you knit as many rows as 3 castonstiches and decrease as many stiches as 1 castonstiches, equaly devided on rows. After that you knit the wrist as many rows as 1½ castonstiched. Knit the heelflap over half of the total number sts and knit heelflap as many rows as 1 castonstiches + 6 rows. Knit a heel as usual. Knit the foot as many rows as 3 castonstiches and decrease for toe over as many rows as 1 castonstiches.

Hopefuly you understood but it would be MUCH easier explaining in swedish. Use it more as a principle than a pattern.

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There's a kilt hose pattern on this Issue of Knitty.