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Anyone live in a city with a subway of some sort? If you do you find people look at you a lot? I love knitting on the subway (I am on the 4,5,6, B or Q if you see me feel free to say hey...I am usually knitting something easy like a scarf) My friends all think I am crazy and think someone will beat me...I just say would you bother someone knitting with semi sharps needles? I wouldn't... Anyways, I am also looking for a knitting group anywhere in NYC, anyideas?


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When it is warmer out I knit walking to class and to work and while I take the train. Sometimes I get looks, but usually people don't pay attention or comment on how great it is that I am knitting.

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I ride the L train from deep inside Brooklyn and I knit practically everyday on the train. Knock on wood, I've only received positive response to knitting--especially from the Polish ladies who get on around the Myrtle-Wykoff stop. The only sorta weird encounter was this guy who found it highly amusing to see somebody knitting and was chuckling about it with his girlfriend. When I got off at the Bushwick-Aberdeen stop he said "Whoa, the dude getting off in East Bushwick." He, for some reason, seemed impressed. Little does he know that my "rough" neighborhood is one of the warmest and most accepting places I've ever lived.

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I knit on the underground in San Francisco a problem...

Not really. An elderly lady smiled at me, but most people just cast a glance and then get on with whatever it is that they were previously doing.
It's similar for when I travel by bus.

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I'm in SF and I knit all the time on Muni. I've been invited to knitting groups, been given patterns, swapped secrets and had great conversations with others. Yay San Francisco :)

I've taken to knitting on the plane (as I do not live in a place with public transportation) and get almost no reaction whatsoever. On a recent flight to Florida the woman next to me was a "fiber person" and chatted about my Scottish tweed yarn for a bit but didn't seem concerned that it was an older man knitting. Maybe the world is changing a little bit, huh? It is up to us to push the envelope and knit in public as often as we can.

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Wow, reading through the responses it seems I get more of a reaction when I knit in public then most of you men. I still have alot of that tough rocker chick in me, I don't look nothing like the cookie baking, sweater knitting grandma that I am. Most of the time it's the Joan Cleavers of the world looking at me in wide eyed surprise saying "OH! How nice, where did you learn to knit?" it's said in such a way that you'd think I was disabled and it was miraculous that I even knew what the 2 wood things are let alone the fuzzy stuff. I used to explain a friend taught me and hear "Oh that's nice dear". Condescending old bags. I solved the problem. Now when they ask I simple say "Prison". End of conversation.

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You're bad! I love it.



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*grin* Well if any of them had a clue they'd realize that knitting needles are pointy things, and just like kindergarten prisoners aren't allowed pointy things, they learn how to crochet. So it makes even a bit more funny for me.

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On the el in Chicago, guys won't sit with knitters, I've found, but it certainly attracts old woman or just-on-this-side of-tolerable college girls.

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I knit at the park or on the kanal in the summer here in Berlin... and always get interested looks! But as far as the U-Bahn goes, I'm not into it. There are enough strange characters on there invading my space as it is, the last thing I want is to have them staring at me cause i'm knitting! Although I do see women knitting on the u-bahn often. I do knit on the airplane though, its just SO much time that is otherwise not used...

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Central park was one of the only places where my knitting in public seemed wierd enough to a group of people that they decided to take pictures and giggle. Yes you get the weird looks, but in the end focusing on your work allows you to not notice.
Of course people will look at you on a train and may even make comments, but don't you find that there are some events/people on a train that are much more distracting than a knitter? So in the end, it shouldn't really matter, right? If all the male knitters in NYC saturated the trains by knitting all the time, I'm sure that it can become as commonplace as people who do sudoku or crosswords.

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your post brought to mind a post that bill made a month or so ago. The attachment is priceless.

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I knit on the subway a lot. I've gotten some "that's nice" comments, or "what are you making?" and that's about it. I usually say "It lowers my blood pressure. I went off blood pressure medication since I started knitting. You should try it." All of which is true.