Foreign Language Knitting


For those who like to knit bi-lingually, here is a great page for translations of knitting terms.  The languages are English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.



That's great thank you so much. Sorry Ulf & our other Scandinavian friends it won't help you much. there must be other similar sites. Plus other languages that will occur as we grow & boy are we growing!
Yeah boys, keep posting and knitting.

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Thanks Jesse for the tip! And as a matter of fact it does help when you know the german and french word aswell as the english. "Many creeks make a river" as we say in Scandinavia.

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I'm happy to see that this will help you, Ilf.  I know that many people who live in the EU know more than one language so these kinds of helps are useful.  I have some patterns in Italian and French that I would like to do and that's why I had originally searched for this information.

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