end of term

For those of you in the UK today is the last day of term, phew!!! I have been so tired I have not even picked up my needles for 3 days.
However there are socks to be made, and a mans gota do what a mans gota do.
I wonder if there is any place a pair of socks could be sent? What about prisoners in cold places, or I do hear Chinese women in the countryside value socks, any good ideas? I might like to make a pair for someone I dont know.
Happy Eid/Yule/Hannukah/Xmas/secular event!!


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O yes, I know that feeling being a teacher myself. Now I am at home an the idea of 2 weeks time to knit all day makes me very happy!


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Do you have the Salvaation Army or some such organiztion over there? I like the idea of casting your socks upon the waters.

Tell me about it - I was falling asleep on the bus coming home from school today...now at least I will get the chance to complete one or two projects and maybe even start a new one!

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It is my first term as a teacher, and I was told that by half term you think you might die and by Christmas you know you did die, but by January it all gets clearer. Now I have lit a candle at the solstice I feel the mist clearing a bit, (not religious but like to mark the turning point). I never knew teaching could be so hard especially for an older man like myself, but I survived.
enjoy your break