I'm relatively new to this site and have enjoyed reading the entries and looking at the fantastic work by everyone. I loved the "lizardridge" afghan in stickywarp's blog, so decided to buy a few skeins of the Noro yarn to work on as one of those on-going projects, but very soon found knitting the squares to be addictive. I think the favourite part of knitting is watching how the work grows and develops


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Welcome, Stef. Those colors are gorgeous. Are you using a short row technique for the pattern? How do you plan to link the squares together? Is this yarn wool or otherwise?

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Thanks, Albert. The yarn is Noro "Kuryon" and is 100% wool, and yeah, I am using a short row technique. As yet I don't know how I will link the squares together until I complete the full 24

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The colours are really nice. I have always wanted to do the Lizard Ridge afghan as well. The thing that holds me back is the question you raise, about putting it all together. I never enjoy the 'finishing' part of a knitting project so I know that I would finish the knitting and never get the thing put together. :-( Or at least I suspect that would be the case.


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I'm working on a mitered square blanket with the same issue... I don't know quite yet how I'll assemble all of them, but I do know that I want to wait until they're all done so that I can lay them out and figure out what order I want to put them in... I'm toying with the idea of just mattress stitching them together, then putting a back on the piece (maybe a vintage quilt top or something) .... who knows... and the rate I have been going on my squares, it'll be a while before it's time for me to decide!




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No need to worry about things yet to come. Finish your knitting, and THEN lay them out to get the design you want.... then the assembly will fall into place. By then, you will get some advice from here, or you will have found a few techniques yourself, and tried them out to find the one you like best.

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Welcome Stef. I am new to the site too. Your knitting looks fantastic. Great colors.
Have a great holiday. Kurt

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Welcome Stef! Now you've shown us the preview you are obligated to show the finished product! If not we send out Albert and the Knitting police! Happy Holidays!

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LOL, so no pressure then, have a great time over the holiday season.