Merry Christmas, but Please Pray!

Merry Christmas to all my brothers in yarn! I wish you all the best the season has to offer and the most happy and prosperous New Year!
However, there is a sad side to this post! Please pray (i.e. send out positive energy, etc.) for my partner! His grandmother is dying and it could be any minute. It is very obvious that she is at PEACE! My hubby and his "Nan" have such a close relationship... moreso than I have ever seen even between mother and son! Just to give you an example... she used to go shopping with him when he did drag AND she's a retired evangelist!!! She is a wonderful lady! your Holiday prayers, etc..... please remember my hubby, Bobby, and his grandmother, that her Journey is peaceful, revelationary and complete!

Merry Christmas!


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My thoughts are with you! A Grandmother's love is truly special. Just be there when your hubby when he needs to cry, laugh and remember the good time.

All the best
Matt from London Ontario Canada

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Our thoughts, prayers and purrs are with you, Bobby and his grandmother. May you have a peaceful holiday.

Randy, Dennis and our four furkids


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My thoughts and prayers are with you, Bobby, and his grandmother.


I'll add my prayers to everyone else's

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Reminds me of my Great-grandmother's passing. It was her time and such a relief when she left all the pain of her body, although we miss her very much. I'll send positive thought and ask my GG to watch over her and make sure she travels safely.

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May peace and comfort embrace you at this time with all the energy extended from the season and this site.

Rex and Dale