My First

I had a male friend show me how to cast on and knit from there.

I stopped at a craft store and found my way into the yarns, I know this is soy, i am guess soy wool as i am still new to this. Found a pair of needles that the package suggested and i was off to test my memory.

I started over and over and over and over again never to be happy with my results. I finally (against my perfectionism) decided to just push through even when it looked horrible. Someone taught me how to bind off and VIOLA! This is the end result!

Hope the one I am working on now comes about much better!



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Not too shabby for a first item. Tension looks pretty good.

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oh good job! we all started somewhere, and it's not bad for a first time, :) looking forward to seeing more from you

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MWK's Token Estrogen-American

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Yeah, looks great! I like someone who just dives in and goes for it! Way to go! Luckily you didn't do like I did the first time, which was to go with cheap acrylic yarn. Is that the Patons SWS (soy-wool blend) yarn?


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Still new myself, but it looks like you're off to an excellent start!


Heck, I think you should be very proud! Welcome

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I agree, good work. Now that you've been bitten, add a little to your knowlege at a time and soon you'll be a virtuoso.

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Good job with the scarf. My first project was a scarf. It's a great place to begin. Hopefully in the winter it will be warm. Don't be too hard on yourself at the beginning. With each new stitch and new project(s), you will gain confidence in your knitting. Carry on and enjoy the scarf.-Cullen

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That looks alot better than my first project did! Keep up the great work!

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Nice job! I don't think I could count the "scarves" I started when I began knitting that ended up being "hot pads" instead. Keep up the good work - and welcome to MWK!

Grace and Peace,

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Great first project! Ya did good.


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Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste

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Thanks for all the wonderful kudos! I must say I do have the knitting bug, matter of fact as I was working karaoke last night (wonderful moonlighting job I have hehe) I was working on my second scarf. This second one is for my flaming friend hince the Boucle Yarn-Candy Apple 79% acrylic 20% mohair 1% nylon with about 40 stitches in width (he asked for extra thick lol). I also bought my first pair of Clover Bamboo needles to use with this yarn (after reading a few posts I probably should have bought metal). So far so good not have much trouble with the stitches overly sticking, I also find it helpful and sometimes I get a lil crazy carrying it around and have lost stitchs off my metal needles before :)

Purly Man - You have a great eye, I had to take a look before confirming: Patons SWS - 70% wool 30% soybean,

Again thanks for all the kind words and I'll post more projects & questions as I go along!

Cheers & Happy Friday!

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looking forward to seeing the finished items!

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Happy Friday to You Too. COngratulations onyour first Project. DOn't allow your search for perfection to stop you from enjoying the craft. In my opinion there is no such thing as perfection, unless is machine made. lol!

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Welcome to the group, you're off to a great start.



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Welcome to the addiction, Izzi - none of us want to be cured. Your first project looks good.