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first off i am totally stoked to be knitting, i am learning from the book knitting w/ balls, its super good but i am having problems with it, like what Knit Through Back Loop means, and if it is explained in the book, i cant find it. its in the first row. the first row is (RS) Sl 1, knit through back loop to last st, K1. If someone know how to explain this through tex i'll be on my way to a new vest.



It means knit into the back of the stitch instead of the front. The word 'loop' is throwing you off - it's another word for stitch. Knitting into the back of the stitch gives you a 'twisted' stitch, which is nice and firm.

Hope this helps, and look forward to seeing the vest.

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Here are some graphics that might help you out with this :) And Welcome!


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MWK's Token Estrogen-American

WORD! thanks for the help guys! i'll post my totaly sweet vest when i'm done.

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That's my prefered way of knitting through the back loop. I find it more natural for me. if you look at the stitch , the stitch makes a loop on the needle. The front is the side closest to you and the back the other one. I like this way of knitting and have made all my stuff that way.

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Do you purl through the back loop as well? Or do you just leave all the stitches "twisted"?

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Do you 'combination' knit? Knit through the back loop and purl wrapping the yarn clockwise?