The Yarn Sale

My favorite yarn store, Wool & Co in Geneva,IL is having a pre-inventory sale this morning starting at 7 am... I got here at 5:11 am and am the fourth person in line!! The first hour almost every yarn is 40% off. The next hour it drops to 30% and so on.

Here's hoping that switching my shift at work so I could be here at the crack of dawn is worth it!



I sure hope that switching your schedule around at work paid off. I am visiting Philadelphia for the holidays so I am going to go check out Rosie's Yarn Cellar. It is within walking distance of the hotel. Have a great day and lots of fun with the new yarn.

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Hope they had lots of stuff you wanted at the deep discount!

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DJ I ususally go to Youtube and find the answer


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Well, from what you showed me this morning when you got home, it was most definitely worth it!! Some really beautiful yarns. Great savings, too.


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I'm jealous :/

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