Sweeney Todd's Gauntlets?

I saw Sweeney Todd last week and (being the OCD Knitter I can be) I noticed that in the first 1/3 or so of the film "Sweeney" is wearing a pair of fingerless mitt/gauntlet things with thumbs. There's a brief close-up of them which allows one to get an idea of the pattern. It looks like some kind of pattern of small knit circles on a background of purl stitches, but it was so brief that I'm not certain that it wasn't seed stitch. I *need* to make a pair!

I've combed the 'net for production stills, but none of the ones I find show anything close enough to make a determination.

Here are my questions to you:
1) Can you confirm what I saw?
2) Can you tell me what this stitch is called (if it is not seed stitch)?
3) I'm more than willing to go at it freestyle, but if you know of a pattern for gauntlets like these, or a pair very similar, I'd love to know about it. :o)



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I'll be seeing it tonight. I'll check it out for ya!

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I definitely noticed that too, but I can't remember any details. Funny, though, what you notice when you're knitting all the time. This morning I was doing my daily swim at the rec center and I thought "I bet I could knit a lap pool with a couple lanes into a cap!" I might try it... never know!

Did you come across this one?



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If you can't tell what the stitch is - or if it isn't seed stitch; then wyhy not just knit them in seed stitch?

Bunches of fingerless mitts, muffatees, etc patterns out on the internet.
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Thanks everybody! Yep, PurlyMan that's one of the pics I found. In that one they almost look like garter stitch, but I'm fairly certain that wasn't it. I'm still poking around for patterns and stuff, and if I can't find anything then I'm sure I'll just knit them in seed stitch.

Patchworkjester, Thanks! and let me know what you find fo sho! :)

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:/ Our boondocks theaters around here won't be showing it until mid-january.


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I think it is "moss stitch" and maybe that´s what you mean by seed stitch. Just in case you don´t mean that: 1st row: *k1p1 , 2nd row *p1k1*

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I second the belief that those fingerless gloves were seed stitch. Are you on Ravelry by chance? I noticed there was a new group called "Fingerless Glove Fanatics." They started on Dec. 28 and already have over 200 members! I'm sure it would be a good source for information and patterns. You'd probably find others who were checking out Sweeney's and have some thoughts on the topic.

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Ulf - I've heard that "Moss Stitch" and "Seed Stitch" can be used to mean the same stitch pattern, depending on which side of the Atlantic you're on. I'm familiar w/the stitch pattern you describe as being called seed stitch, which is what I had in mind earlier.

James- I just put my name on the list to get on the Ravelry party wagon, so hopefully by the time I'm approved someone will have gotten this under control. ;o)

I think in the meantime, though, I'll craft my own pair out of seed stitch w/some 2x2 ribbing on the inside of the arm for a snug fit.

Pics coming soon! =o)