Socks in Progress

This is the second pair of socks I have knit. The first pair was on 5 dpns so I decided to try 2 circulars this time. I haven't yet decided which I prefer since they are both new things for me. For my third pair I want to try toe up socks on dpns then a fourth pair as toe up on two circulars -- both methods, then I suppose I will have to try Magic Loop before I make my decision as to which I prefer. I am finding the architecture of the sock fascinating. I had never really thought about their structure before I knit my first pair.
These are done in 2 yarns (obviously). The main colour is Regia 'Surprise Color', and the Red heel, toe and band at top is done in Lang 'Jawoll'. It is insteresting in that each ball of 'Jawoll' includes a small spool of reinforcing thread which you knit together with the main colour (2 threads then) to make the heels and toes more durable.
I decided to use the second colour for the toes and heels because I have big feet, and I like a fairly long leg on a sock and I was afraid of running out of yarn, so I extend it with the second colour. As it turns out, I might have had enough, but I kind of like the contrast anyway. I am hoping that with the toe up technique next I wont be scared of running out since I can do the knit and weigh thing and finish the leg length when I am at half the weight and then begin the second sock with the remaining half. (Does that make sense, the way I have written that? lol. If not, indulge me, please. ) Anyway, enough rambling on here. HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone and HAPPY KNITTING!


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It makes much sense! It's cool that you are experimenting with all the various methods...

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I love the varigated yarn, the colors are so soft and muted. Do you find with the two circs method that the circ not being used gets in the way or feels obtrusive? I haven't tried this way yet. I tried magic loop a little bit the other day and will try again soon to see how I feel about it. But I think we all want a holy grail technique for small diameter round knitting.

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I didn't find the circ intrusive. It flops around a little at the back, but nothing I can't ignore. But I didn't mind using the 5 dpns either, I didn't have a problem with ladders or anything like that. So, at this point I can't say that I have a strong preference for either. Maybe the 2 circs is a little faster, but I am not in a race. I like the tradition of dpns, which may sound a bit silly, but I do. Maybe its childhood memories or something. I feel like I am connecting to a long line of knitters stretching back decades when I use the dpns. The thing I find hardest, or most difficult about socks is not the knitting in the round, with either method, but the picking up stiches evenly and neatly around the heel etc. But that problem exhists with whatever method you use, unless I just knit a straight tube, and then close the toe end with a twist-tie, or maybe one of those metal staples they use to close the ends of salami. LOL


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Salami Socks- your'e on to something!! :)

Great socks!!! I really like knitting socks, the first pair I ever did was using the two circ method. I really enjoyed. I have sense used the double point and magic loop methods. They all seem to have their good and bad sides. Great job!