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Hey Darrel, it's just a thought for a new Topic Subject to post into, as in...

I make wooden and bamboo knitting needles as a hobby, not as a business. I am willing to trade for; yarn to build my stash, knitting notions and gadgets, knitting books, make me an offer. If you request a specific size, I will need to know if it is US or metric. If you have a design in mind, let me know... pix and/or drawings help. I use my own hand-made Straight and Double-Point needles to knit with, and I know what is required by a knitter to make them pleasing to work with the very first time they are used. If you are not happy with my creations, I will gladly return whatever it was you traded me for them.
My LYS buys them outright, and then I buy their yarn in the same visit. (Keeps their books right with the tax-man)

whadda ya think?

did I mention I'm a cheap S.O.B.

Hey Keith,


My name is Ed. I had added you to my buddy list as we are practically neighbors. I am very interested in swapping. I would love to have some hand crafted needles. Do you make DPN's too? As for yarn, mostly what I have on hand is Lion Brand as that is the stuff that I tend to over buy because I can get it on sale. I am also learning to spin so maybe I could trade you some of my hand spun stuff when I get good enough, as all of my attempts is like my first batch of mashed potatoes...all full of lumps and bumps...lol. Message me back or try yahoo...pagan_knitter.


Take care






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I think that's a great idea, Ed! In the forum section, I created a new topic area called "Swap Shop" to give people wishing to engage in a bit of commerce a place to interact. Y'all have fun!