Mr Flurry

Here it is, New Year's Eve , and I've just completed the last of the gifts for this year. The original Mr Flurrys (green/red/white scarf) went to my department supervisor, Jill, and the team leader at my part-time job, Sandi. I made one more, this time with a teal scarf but I hated the scarf the moment I first put it on Mr Flurry. I remade the scarf using Red Heart Hula (black) and used the brioche stitch which I finally got right after 6 tries. The scarf turned out very soft and squishable and since black is Michelle's favorite color, I think she'll enjoy this, even if it does have a bit for color here and there. I won't admit to this gift being late because Michelle is still on vacation so she won't get it til she returns on Wednesday,

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What a terrific job....some lucky people will be thankful!

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that's freakin' adorable!

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That teal is gorgeous- you're insane, man! I love the way those bits of color pop against the black- like a Fourth of July fireworks display. What is the brioche stitich?

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I came across several examples of brioche but the one that caught my eye was:

I had reservations about how the Hula would work with it because I tried several stitches with it before and as colorful as it is, it's like trying to knit with 4 strands of thread. After I got about 3" done though, it seemed to get much easier to work with. The brioche stitch gave it depth so it felt like it was quite thick even though the yarn itself is very thin. It looks like a simple k1p1 rib but it's really much thicker and once I got the hang of the stitch, it was mindless work.
The Hula comes in several basic colors with the single variegated thread running throughout. I might try the red next and make a full-sized scarf out of it. I did run across several patterns that used 2 colors alternating throughout horizontally or had vertical striping.