d*mn; this is hard!

boy - I'm sweating bullets trying to whip the Spanish Armada pattern into shape. It wasn't a hard knit - but I evidently do a lot more instinctive fudging then I was ever aware I did...and of course it is all coming to light with people beginning to knit the pattern.

*grin* maybe I should have just sat back and glowed in the compliments instead of trying to put the pattern in a shape others could knit it as well...but it's frustrating when person after person asks - where's the pattern? and all you can answer is "in my head"

So far the tricky part is the print o' the wave section - and I know why - and I know what I did - but I can't seem to get that converted to numbers and charts....

maybe I have too much blood in my caffeinne stream!


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I can sympathize. I'm one hell of a cook, but a lot of what I do is based on 'feel'. Q: How much flour do you add? A: Until the dough 'feel's right. Q: How much do you let the roux brown? A: Until it looks right...sorta a blond-beige or a slightly brown tan. Q: How much of that herb do you put it? A: Smell it and see if it's strong or not-so-strong and adjust accordingly....


And I wonder why people scream and whimper when I try to tell them how I made something....

But I'm LOVING your QAL, babe!!! So I'll just wait patiently for the 'Armada to arrive'.


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It looks like two people may be done with their SA's by next weekend. Anticipation!

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