Glad it's over.

Finally finished the "Mermaid Scarf," which is just a scarf knit in Mistake Rib pattern with knitted fringe. I chose a yarn that was very thin and needles that were also super thin, so I've seriously been knitting on this (not straight through, of course) since about October. I am annoyed at the yarn color I chose because it kind of hides the Mistake Rib pattern, and I really like that pattern. I wanted a yarn that was varigated, but nothing at my LYS was variegated like I wanted, so I picked the closest thing, not thinking about it, and realized that it's TOO much. So now the pattern is hidden and it just looks like a regular old ribbed scarf. Booooo!

Lesson learned, dammit.

Once I block it (to make the knitted fringe NOT look like crazy demon tentacles), I will snap some photos and post them. Already posted a hastily taken photo on my ravelry, but...bleh. Can't even tell what color it is, hardly!


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Sounds like a good day to dye.

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True - depending on just what the mix of colours is in the yarn - a judicious overdye could mute the variagation and make that rbroken rib pop!

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I hate it when my ribs pop.

I always learn so much from this site. I had never heard of the Mistake Rib stitch before. I really like the look. Please post pics as soon as you can.