Holiday Knit Stamps

So I'm way behind every year on my Christmas (et al) cards. Today was the day I finally went to the post office to mail them off. I asked if there were any Christmas stamps left and the woman said, "Yes, we have the Madonna and Child stamps and the Holiday Knits stamps." My ears were like "what did she just say?" So I asked again... she said "Holiday Knits". So I had to see those. I was hoping there were be people knitting or something, but I had to buy these anyway. How did I not know about this?


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That is entirely appropriate. After all, today is 'Twelfth Night', the last day of Christmas. :-) Tomorrow the wise guys come, bringing their gold, frankincense and myrhh in glorious felted bags, hand knitted during their long, tedious trek west.


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I knew nothing about these stamps either. Way cool tho :)

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