Faux Spanish Lace #2

My first attempt at this was such a success and I knew the hubby's other sister was sure to want one too so I cast this on the weekend before Christmas and finished it today. This one was done with one and a half skeins of a DK wool/mohair blend (330m/100gr). The label is all Russian so that's about all I could get from it. It was lovely stuff, and the color green is beautiful. I did this one on US 10.5 needles. I still don't have a good place to get pictures of such large things. I laid it out to block on a wool rug in a room in the basement. It has a bit of a sheen which made taking a really close up shot kind of difficult.




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Great (and speedy!) work.

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Love the green - - and you still get bettershots of your stuff then I usually do of mine.

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Looks great. Now I think I'm going to do another one, now that I know how to 'tink' it if necessary. I think the solid color of yours shows off the stitch better than the variegated bamboo that I was asked to use. I think the DK weight is a little nicer too.

Looks great!