Faux Spanish Lace #2 - Image #2

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That looks Vantastic mister!

Wondering....how one would convert this pattern to a rectangular shawl....I know a few of the yo's would have to be nixed. Or do you have another idea for something else????

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gimmee a bit - - I'll write you up the Faux Spanish Stole. It's still pretty simple.
just remember your double decreases will line up over the one 6 rows below and is offset from the one 3 rows below.

Cast on:
multiple of 4 plus 2 x where x = the number of edge stitches you want - I would suggest not less then 2 and not more then 5 - but that's your choice. The edge stitches will be always knit or always purled, again your choice.

Cast on and knit x garter ridges:
O = yarnover
A = Double decrease (I prefer s2kp)
K = knit 1

pattern is the following 6 rows repeated:

1 (edge); *O,A,O,K; repeat from * until x stitches left; (edge)
2 alternate row (consistantly either knit or purl)
3) knit
4) alternate row
5) (edge); K2;*OAO, K ; repeat from * until x + 2 stiches left. k2, (edge)
6) alternate row.

end with x number of garter ridges, bind off.

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I love your work - and you, too, for that matter! Is lace knitting going to be your knitting niche?

Knit like the wind!

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that is beautiful, flawless work, well done

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Beautiful! I have swore taht I will finish one thing I already have going and try once again to knit a shawl and not to give up.
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