If one new project is good, three MUST be better!

Thanks to all the advice from friends and fellow knitmen, I settled on three new projects. A scarf (the My So-called Knit Along a few months late), a basic hat, and a stuffed bear for a friends baby (due next month). I'm probably taking on too many things at once, but that's a specialty of mine in other areas of my life, why not with my knitting too!? I'll post some pictures as I get something photographable.

Purling is such sweet sorrow!


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Yipes! You had better consult YugiDean about knitting stuffed animals.

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hey, I like the way this man thinks! And every stuffed animal doesn't have to become a YSP (a YSP? an YSP? )

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True MMario, but every YSP will be a learning adventure. and I believe it would be "a YSP"
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