What I learned in 2007

Hello Gentlemen and Occasional Women,

As it turned out, 2007 was one of the more calamitous years in my life.

On February 17, many of you will remember that the Best Beloved fell while ice skating, shattering both bones in his right leg, requiring emergency surgery and five months in a full cast. In June, a week after the cast came off, our 12 year old shep mix dog was diagnosed with cancer - she died four weeks later. In mid-September, our 3 year old Tibetan mastiff went in for a routine spay surgery, and died on the operating table because of a hitherto undiscovered blood disorder that kept her from clotting. Two weeks later, our house was broken into and all our electronics stolen (including both work and home computers). While looking through the broken window through which the thief had entered, the unwitting policeman said "Ever think of getting a dog?"

There is something about disruption in one's life that seems to wash away accumulated detritus. Concepts of who I am and how I do things that I've carefully developed over the years fly out the window when external forces intervene. As it turns out, I'm not someone who can just keep going and smile bravely into the wind. One of the most important lessons I've learned this year is how to let things fall, how to apologize when I've forgotten things, how to not beat myself up when I've let others down. That sounds a little namby pamby: what I really mean is I've learned how to fuck up and not worry about it too much.

But things are looking up, and I have to say that I feel better than I have in months, and am greatly looking forward to 2008. We have a new dog (an 11 month old Plott hound), the Best Beloved has a new job which covers my health and dental insurance (first time ever), and my knitting is going great guns. I'm going to try to attach a pic of a side to side vest that I made out of Noro silk and wool blend over the summer.

Things happen, and sometimes they all happen at once. Wishing all of you a year of event-less yet wonderful knitting!

Jonathan in DC


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And the very warmest of wishes to you, too, Jonathan!

Knit like the wind!

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I'm sorry to hear of all the misfortune you've gone through last year. Some of this I followed here as it happened, but it is shocking to see it all spelled out in one place.

I'm glad to see that you have such a positive attitude toward the future. I don't think I'd be able to keep such a stiff upper lip in the face of all that.

(Great looking vest, by the way!)

Very best wishes to you too Jonathan. Things can only get better this year.

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In 2007 a lot of mega-crap happened to a lot of good people. All of those people are now feeling a whole lot stronger, and have heaps of fond memories about who or what can no longer be with us. If it's all to do with planetary allignments, I say we reallign the planets ourselves!

"Midnight shakes the memory as a madman shakes a dead geranium."

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I love your statement about learning how to fuck up and not to worry too much about it. Warm wishes to you and yours for 2008

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how to not beat myself up when I've let others down

An important life lesson that it quite often takes a string of disasters to learn.

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Wishing you and yours the very best for the new year.



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Blessings and new, exciting adventures to you both in the new year!


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Best wishes to you and BB......here's to a great 2008.

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Yes, '07 seemed to be a year when the Universe slapped us around to get our attention. May we all have some peace this year. The vest is beautiful. I bought a book about side-to-side sweater knitting but have not attempted it yet. I lke your colors.

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All my best to you and yours :)

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

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Sorry to hear 2007 was so rough. Here's hoping 2008 treats you and yours exceedingly well!!!

John in PA