Knitting assistant

We have two cats, Osiris and Apollo. One in particular, Apollo, likes to sit with me while I'm knitting.

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Yay for Apollo! We have three cats (Leona Honey, Juan, and Marcel) and I would say two knitting assistants (Juan and Marcel). Marcel is Apollo with short hair. However, sometimes they are more knitting obstacles than they are knitting assistants.


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Apollo is really good about staying out of my way and leaving the yarn alone. While Osiris is less interested in sitting with me while I knit, he will sometimes reach out toward the yarn or bite the non-working end of the needle. Osiris would much rather that I hold him than watch me knit.


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Apollo is beautiful. We have 4 and the two boys, Tippy and Kramer are my helpers. The girls don't have much interest. Kramer is a real daddy's boy, and has to be in my lap whenever I'm sitting in my chair.


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Our little boy, Simon, is learning to sit next to me when knitting, rather than on me! The task is taking a long time...........I give in to his wishes more often than not!

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Assistant? My cats always insisted on SUPERVISING.

We just lost our two orange buddies to a compination of age and pnuemonia. Desert Sands and Sand Storm were their offical names (Desert and Storm normally) - raised as barn cats though they had become indoor/outdoor cats in their old age. Still May of 1991 to Dec 2007 isn't a bad run for a cat. But d*mn there's a hole in my life....two of them; even if I was 3rd choice for cuddling - (I was first choice for opening doors, however)

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What a gorgeous looker Apollo is!

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That's sweet. I just love the names you gave them.

Your cat is beautiful!!!

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Our 3 cats (Don Juan (aka DJ), Sophia Lauren (aka Sophie), and Dorothy Jane (aka Dot)) pretty much ignore my knitting. Sophie watches the yarn from time to time, but gives up after awhile since it clearly isn't play time. I almost killed Dot the one day that she got tangled in the yarn and then RAN. Luckily, I had good hold of the last stitch on the needle, and she only succeeded in pulling new yarn out of the skein. DJ will sit next to me and sleep.