Blackberry Ridge Woolen Mill STASH!

Here are some pics of the yarns I purchased from Blackberry Ridge.

The Forest Floor is a lush hand-painted of 75% Wool-25% Mohair in Bulky weight (about 700 yards to the pound... I got just over one pound of it.)

The Copper just screamed retro 70's kitsch and I had to have it! I dunno why. It is a medium weight worsted (about 1000 yards a pound... I got one pound.)

The Tea Cozy was sold as a kit with the pattern (by Hazel Carter), the yarn and the embellishments. We have a friend in Canada that loves and collects Tea Cozies and when I saw this, I knew I had to knit it up for him. However, I am going to give the bugger a brown face to contrast from the natural gray wool that the rest of it will be knitted with.

Great Fun!!

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What a great color! It'll make a fine tea cozy...

"The only sin is mediocrity." --Martha Graham

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I love the colors, very rich! What are you going to make with it?