Knitting Apron

This morning a work colleague gave me her mother's old knitting books. Amoung them is a book from England called "Stitchcraft", no date. I came across the pattern to sew a "Apron-cum [sic]-Knitting-Bag. At first I thought it was pretty funny but then I had another look. Actually, it is a very practical idea for smallish projects. It reminds me of the wool holders: wrist and waist holders, as well as the knitting bags distributed by the Red Cross for knitting socks for the military. With these, the project can be carried around, put down when necessary and then picked back up again.

Yup, I just might make one of these (butched-up, of course!). No, I'm not planning to wear it out but around the house it might just fit the need.


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Do you think you can take one of those leather utility belts, and convert it for knitting purposes? That's manly, isn't it?? Instead of hammers, and wire cutters, you can put in balls of yarn, and circular needles, and patterns, and scissors, and ....

Hey - my mother had one of these many years ago. It meant she could knit a few rows of socks whilst waiting for the vegetables to cook. It also meant that when she had to stand to knit because of some problem with her back, she wasn't worried about the wool rolling away.

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>>Do you think you can take one of those leather utility belts...

If I'm gonna be wearing leather, it definitely will NOT be a knitting bag!!

Besides those sharp knitting needles could poke out at a MOST inconvenient time!